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About Pars Forough Zagross Co.

The company is established in 2008 and the main objective was to produce the science based and high-tech fertilizers and bio stimulants to improve the agricultural yield and quality.

The Company benefits by a high score experts in R&D team of in agricultural science, plant nutrition, soil fertility and chemistry who deal with many researches in the production processes and the effect of products for plant nutrition and yield.

The development of the first registered patent was about the innovation of a procedure to extract humic substances from the waste organic matter. In the second part the company conducted some research on the effect of the produced material on agricultural and horticultural plants in experimental sites all around the country.

The company received many certificates from the Agricultural Sections and Ministry of Agriculture. The company expanded its production site in Eshtehard Industrial City, Alborz province which allows increasing the production with a higher quality. Today the company is producing more than 40 compounds in a vast area of organic, chemical and biological fertilizers, bio stimulants and soil conditioners.

The company received the award of “Knowledge Based Company” from the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology in 2014. Today, the company market network exceeds 200 constant dealers and distributors everywhere in Iran and some overseas countries who are faithfully working along together to make farming more economic and scientific in their regions. The company int s to play an effective and positive role in agriculture market in long-term and presenting the best solutions for the serious and demanding challenges of agriculture.

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