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Zagroot is a naturally strong growth stimulant containing seaweed extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum) with complex matrix of humic acids, plant nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, natural hormones and polysaccharides to improve crop development and root growth which gives the best growth. Containing betaine is very suitable in the plant stress conditions such as drought, salinity and temperature.

The unique formulation containing seaweed extract, humic substances, the good amount of plant nutrients along with other biostimulants, guarantees a healthy growth for agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plants. The combination of these substances resists the plants against the biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

Advantages :

    - Increases the efficiency of other agricultural inputs (fertilizers and pesticides)

    - Improves plant resistance to dehydration, frost, diseases and pests

    - Increases product shelf life after harvest and delay aging

    - Increases fruit size, uniformity and fruit sugar level

    - Increases root and plant establishment

    - Improves the quality and marketability

Composition (W/V%) :

Seaweed Extract ………7
Humic Acid ……… 9.8
Fulvic Acid ……… 3.7
Polysaccharide s……… 1.2
Natural amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and growth promoters ……… 3.8
P2O5 ……… 5.3
K2O ……… 7.1
N ……… 3.6

How to use :

Application method



Spraying 2-3 L/ha 2-3 times during growth
Soil application 6-8 L/ha 2-3 times during growth
Seed treatment 1 L per 5 L of water for 200 kg seed Planting time
Soak seedlings and transplant Soak seedlings and transplant in solution of 10 per thousand water Planting time

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