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Seed Treatment Zagross

Seed Treatment Zagross

Zagross Seed Treatment application is an important practice for the successful fertilization schedules of the cereals and other crops. It provides an appropriate root development, which is essential for efficient nutrient and water uptake and provides a healthier plant.

Zagross Seed Treatment is a special product containing the high quality materials of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium along with zinc, which are essential for the first stage of germination. It contains a good amount of the seaweed extracts, which guarantees the best vigor for a strong seed establishment. Its application helps plant to reach additional nutrients during early growth stages of plant growth.

Advantages :

    - Increases nutrient and water uptake by crop

    - Induces the higher yield and crop quality

    - Enhances plant vigor and establishment

    - Enhances root development

    - Improves seed germination

Composition (W/V%) :





sea weed extract

5.0 4.0 4.0 15.0 5.0

How to use :

Plant types

Rate of seed treatment (For 1000 Kg of seeds)

Cereals 4-5 L
Corn and sugar beet 2-4 L
Cotton, Canola and Sunflower 3-4 L
Beans 4-5 L
Vegetables 3-4 L

Dilute 1 L of seed treatment fertilizer with 2-3 L of water. Then spray or Soak seeds with this solution. After drying, the seeds are ready for planting.


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