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Zinc Nitrate Zagross

Zinc Nitrate Zagross

Zinc is an essential nutrient for plants which activates many enzymes involved in protein and hormone synthesis and sugar metabolism. The osmosis pressure regulation, photosynthesis and plant reproductive system are mainly dependent to this nutrient. Small leaves and disorders in flowering and fruit formation are the main plant symptoms in zinc deficient condition. Nitrogen is a vital plant nutrient and has a quick uptake in the nitrate form. The combination of zinc and nitrogen eases the zinc uptake and translocation. The presence of main amino acids in this compound makes a unique fertilizer to stimulate the vegetative and reproduce systems of the plants.

Advantages :

    - Improves the ripening and coloring of the fruits

    - Corrects the zinc deficiency symptoms

    - Increases the fruit set and yield increase

    - Compatible with most agrochemicals

    - Promotes the plant growth

Composition (W/V) :


N (nitrate)

Amino Acid

17% 7% 1%

How to use :

Plant types



Foliar spray

Crease Beginning of cultivation and clustering 7 L/ha 3 L/ha
Vegetables 5-7 leaves stage and before blooming 7 L/ha 3 L/ha
Fruit trees Before blooming and fruit set 10 L/ha 3 L per 1000 L of water

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