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Potassium Phosphite Zagross

Potassium Phosphite Zagross

Potassium Phosphite Zagross is a formulation based on phosphorus and potassium. Phosphite is a kind of P which has one less oxygen atom than phosphate. Being “lighter” by one oxygen atom than phosphate makes a tremendous difference. The Potassium Phosphite product increase the plant’s vitality and resistance. Root growth is increased due to the special phosphorus composition. You can also expect a positive effect on shelf life and fruit color. In general the plant’s immune system will improve. It can be applied to most vegetable and cucurbit crops, field and row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, grapes, berries, olives and citrus. It is designed for soil application and foliar use.

Advantages :

    - Perfect synergy between biostimulance and plant nutrition

    - Improves plant resistance to disease and fungal infections

    - Strong and healthy crop growth

    - Stimulates additional plant defense responses

    - Increases drought resistance

Composition (W/V) :

Phosphorous (P2O5) ………… 40%

Potassium (K2O) ………… 36%

How to use :

Plant types

Application method


Field crops Foliar spray 2-3 L/ha 3-4 times during growth
Field crops Fertigation 5-7 L/ha 3-4 times during growth
Fruit trees Foliar spray 5-7 L/ha 3-4 times during growth
Fruit trees Fertigation 5-10 L/ha 3-4 times during growth

• Use 3 liters per hectare to prevent fungal diseases, use 5 liters per hectare in fungal disease appearance and repeat it one month later.

• It should be used immediately after transplant to prevent damping off and decay of roots.

• To control gummosis disease, spray leaf and trunk of trees with 2.5 L per 1,000 L of water and repeat one month later.


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