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NPK 10-52-10

NPK 10-52-10

The use of high phosphorus NPK fertilizer in order to provide phosphorus during the growing season is recommended due to weak plant roots in the early growing season and the low mobility of phosphorus in the soil. 10-52-10 Zagross fertilizer with high percentage of soluble P, acts as a rapid growth stimulator so that the plant forms a strong and healthy root system in the early stages of growth. The production of secondary roots and hair roots increases the level of contact between the root and the soil and allows the plant to feed food and water from a greater volume of soil.

Advantages :

    - Water-soluble and usable as foliar spray and in all irrigation systems

    - Increases leaf and root absorption due to amino acid presence

    - Contains micronutrient elements as EDTA chelate

    - Increases biotic and abiotic resistance of plants

    - Increases flowering and fruit set

Composition :

     Macro elements (%) :




10 52 10

     Micro elements (ppm) :







Amino Acids

1200 900 300 300 200 50 8000

How to use :

     Foliar spray :

Plant types



Field crops 6 leaves stage and one month later 2-3 kg/ha
Fruit trees Before flowering and after fruit set 3 kg per 1000 L of water
Leafy vegetables 3 week after cultivation and one month later 3 kg per 1000 L of water
Fruit vegetables 3 week after transplant and one month later 3 kg/ha
Ornamental plant Before blooming and one month later 2 kg per 1000 L of water

     Soil application :

Plant types



Field crops 2 leaves stage and after stem elongation 5-10 kg/ha
Fruit trees Swelling of buds and after fruit set 7-12 kg/ha
Leafy vegetables 2 week after cultivation 10-15 kg/ha
Fruit vegetables 2 week after transplant 10-15 kg/ha
Ornamental plant Before blooming 8-10 kg/ha

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