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Huvita DS80

huvita ds80


Huvita DS80 is a concentrated water soluble powder derived from naturally occurring humic-containing materials. Use it primarily as a soil amendment and to aid in nutrient uptake.

Huvita DS80 is compatible with many liquid fertilizers and micronutrients. When mixing with water fill container three quarters full, add Huvita DS80 slowly with good agitation or circulation of water, then add the remaining water. Ensure adequate agitation in all situations. A defoaming agent may be required.

DO NOT mix Huvita DS80 with calcium nitrate, phosphoric acid, zinc sulfate or other solutions with a pH of less than 6.0.

CAUTION: When combined with aqua ammonia, vapor releases may result in pressure build-ups. For such mixtures, only use mixing and application equipment that are vented and/or have pressure relief valves.

Composition (%) :

Humic substances 80%
P2O5 9%
K2O 14%

Density: 60 lbs/cu ft (970 kg/cu m)

Directions for Use :

Proper timing, rate, and placement of Huvita DS80 are important for desired results and is dependent on soil fertility levels and environmental conditions.

Application method



Spraying 1-2 kg/ha 2-3 times during growth
Soil application 2-5 kg/ha 2-3 times during growth
Seed treatment 100g per 10 lit of water for 100 kg seed Planting time
Soak seedlings and transplant Soak seedlings and transplant in solution of 3 per thousand water Planting time

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