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HUMICA Saffron

HUMICA Saffron

HUMICA SAFFRON is a unique preparation containing humic and fulvic acids along with the required plant nutrients derived from the enriched organic substances. It is made from a naturally occurring type of humic substances from Canada that is very rich in humic and fulvic acids with minimal impurities and specialized formulated for saffron plant based on plant requirements. In this product micronutrients are added in chelated form. This product is backed by solid scientific research providing its effectiveness.

Humic substances in our Humica Saffron act as natural chelating agent. It can be absorbed by plant leaf as well to act as a plant growth promoter. Our product is designed to reduce the effect of the environmental stresses of water, temperature and soil conditions on crops.

It is a nutritional organic activator which increases the yield and quality of crops.

Advantages :

    - Increases soil microorganisms and enhances physical condition of soil.

    - Increases the plant resistance to environmental stresses.

    - Chelates the soil nutrients and promotes plant uptake.

    - Promotes root formation and root growth.

    - Increase germination and vigority.

Composition (%) :

Humic acid

Fulvic acid

Organic material








Amino Acid

10-12% 4-5% 20-25% 2.5-3% 3-4% 6-8% 1000 mg/l 1000 mg/l 500 mg/l 500 mg/l 2%


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