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Zagral 20-20-20

Zagral 20-20-20

Zagral liquid fertilizer contains macro nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and the perfect combination of beneficial amino acids and growth stimulants. This product provides a huge amount of the main nutrients in liquid form to correct their deficiencies in the growing season. The good amount of amino acids guarantees the highest nutrient uptake and induces plant resistance against various environmental stresses such as heat, cold and drought.

Advantages :

    - Provides required amino acids and plant growth promoters

    - Increases biotic and abiotic resistance of plants

    - Fast uptake through the leaves and roots

    - Quick correction of nutrient deficiencies

Composition (W/V) :




Amino Acids

20% 20% 20% 2%

How to use :

Plant types


Rate (Foliar spray)

Field Crops 6-7 leaves stage and before flowering 2-3 L/ha
Fruit trees Before flowering and one month later 3 L per 1000 L of water
Leaf Vegetables 3 weeks after cultivation and one month later 3 L per 1000 L of water
Fruit Vegetables 3 weeks After transplant and one month later 3 L/ha
Ornamental plants 3 times during the growing season 2 L per 1000 L of water

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