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Calbor Zagross


CALBOR ZAGROSS is a prescription plant nutrition formula in liquid form that contains pure forms of calcium (Ca) and boron (B). It contains calcium, boron and amino acids designed for soil and foliar applications. The calcium (Ca) and boron (B) content in this product is immediately available and accessible to the plant. It is very quickly absorbed and assimilated by the plant, thereby ensuring optimum calcium (Ca) and boron (B) levels within the plant.

CALBOR also plays a most important and vital role during some very critical growth stages, such as flower bud, flower development and growth, pollination, fruit development and fruit growth.

Advantages :

    - Prevents scorching of growing tips on cruciferous and leafy crops and vegetables

    - Prevents bitter pit on apple and cracked skin or cracked peel on citrus fruit

    - Plays a vital role at flower bud and flower formation and development

    - Prevents blossom end rot on tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and melons

    - Better and stronger resistance against pests, diseases and frost damage

    - Enhances transport of nutrients, carbohydrates (sugars) and water

    - Optimum cell division and growth during the fruiting stage

    - Prevents the bursting of fruit (fruit burst)

    - Plays a vital role in protein synthesis

    - Prolongs freshness and shelf life

Composition (%) :

    CaO ………………… 7%

    B …………………… 2%

How to use :

Plant types



Sugar beet 4-6 leaves stage 2 L/ha
Sugar beet 4 weeks later 2 L/ha
Field crops 4-6 leaves stage 1.5 L/ha
Field crops 4 weeks later 1.5 L/ha
Fruit vegetables 4-6 leaves stage 1 L/ha
Fruit vegetables Before blooming 1.5 L/ha
Fruit vegetables After fruit set 1.5 L/ha
Fruit trees Before blooming 2 L per 1000 L of water
Fruit trees Before fruit coloring 2 L per 1000 L of water
Citrus Before blooming 2 L per 1000 L of water
Citrus After fruit set 2 L per 1000 L of water
Ornamental plants Every 4 weeks 2 L per 1000 L of water

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